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Interpreting the Baptist Faith and Message

The recent “Traditional Southern Baptist Statement” says in its introduction that “while some earlier Baptist confessions were shaped by Calvinism, the clear trajectory of the BF&M since 1925 is away from Calvinsim.”  However, Dr. Charles “Chuck” Quarles, the Dean of the Caskey School of Divinity at Louisiana College (and a native of Lafayette County, having graduated from Lafayette High School in Oxford and from Ole Miss) argues for a historical continuity between the 1853 New Hampshire Baptist Confession and the Baptist Faith and Message.  In an article entitled, “What Baptists Believe,” Quarles states: “In cases in which questions about the meaning of the BFM arise, the NHBC may serve as a helpful guide to the correct interpretation.”  The point here is that when the BFM (Baptist Faith and Message) is interpreted throught the prism of the NHBC (New Hampshire Baptist Confession), much of the so-called “trajectory . . . away from Calvinism” falls away.


One response to “Interpreting the Baptist Faith and Message

  1. Sam April 1, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Speaking of Chuck Quarles, his contract at Louisiana College was not renewed. He now teaches at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The non-renewal of his LC contract may have had something to do with this Traditional Statement. Google “Was Calvinism or politics at root of Louisiana College conflict?” to see an article from the Shreveport Times.

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